Many decided to follow Jesus this past weekend. But, I wanted to take a moment and tell you guys something. This has been the privilege of my life. Christ is real. I believe He is the God of miracles. The God of wonders. The God of new beginnings. Over the last few months, I’ve witnessed countless souls find hope when they never had it before. Some have gone on to college, others have quit their drug use, many are back in church, and teenagers who were once following the world are now following Jesus. Coming face to face with people mostly from broken homes, I realize in those moments that this may be the last chance they ever hear the truth again. This isn’t just inside a prison. This is in your church, your Sunday school, your neighborhood, and your home. How will they know if they have never heard? How will they know if they have never listened? We are walking through a waste land and the sun is down daily. It’s dark and lonely. It hurts me to see not only teenagers but adults slowly fade away. You don’t have to be broken! You just don’t. Heaven can open up to you if you will only look up. If you will just believe, YOU WILL NEVER DIE. Let God show you who you are. Come home and never turn back again. Decide to follow Jesus. Even if you have to make that decision alone. I love you all. Let’s go!

Have you seen some of the footage from our Guyana Crusade? Check it out here:

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