I’ve had many ask me if I could put out a piece of content about evangelism but honestly, it’ll take me some time to put it all together. I do have some quick thoughts though.

I’ll start with this…

Give the Gospel as if it will be your last time doing so and the only person you can tell about it is God. 

Re read that if you have to. When it comes to reaching the lost, my advice is to keep that sentence running through your mind. Also, don’t come to any conclusions due to your own life experiences as to what kind of people can and cannot be changed. Understand that the person you’re talking to is running from something so you better be ready to run to. You better be ready to get tired. You better be willing to climb a mountain.


Understand that many people have been drowning for a long time. They’ve been fighting, screaming and struggling for months, years, and even decades. They’re tired and weary. You have to be as bold as a lion yet as loving as a puppy. Remember, you are not giving your opinion…so stop putting all the pressure on you. You are simply a messenger. Let the Bible do the work. 


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