If you’re reading this it’s probably because you learned that we’re in the planning stages of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to one of the most unreached regions in the world near the Middle East. This event is planned for late this year. As we continue to seek the Lord we’re asking if you will stand with us? We are making plans, setting goals, DREAMING BIG, and detailing all of the ways we can effectively reach tens of thousands of souls in a place most will not go. 

Moving forward with this vision will require us to lay the groundwork now with: finances, commitments, budgets, and resources that we just don’t have in hand. But we need to begin now! As mentioned before, we’re believing tens of thousands of lost souls will hear the gospel through this event and more importantly we believe tens of thousands will be saved.

With that said, we must raise the funds for this to happen. Publicly, I am not giving any in depth detail about this for many different safety reasons but here is a short breakdown of what is needed:

Budget for Open Air Mega Gospel Night with Over 25,000 in attendance:

  1. Security (Government & External Contractors)
    = $1,500
  2. Tent, Chairs, Pulpit, Carpets, etc.
    = $3,400
  3. Lighting and Generator
    = $3,000
  4. Transportation (250 Buses)
    = $13,750
  5. Sound System/Equipment
    = $2,000
  6. Crusade Advertisement
    = $6,500
  7. Administration Cost
    = $2,000

TOTAL COST = $33,150.00


Budget for two smaller events before mass crusade:

  • Conference Hall
  • Crusade Advertisement
  • Permission and Security
  • Administrative Cost
  • Free Buses to Villages
  • Sound System/Equipment

TOTAL COST = $12,000

Budget for 3 Pastors/Leadership Conferences:

  • Conference Hall
  • Advertisement
  • Sound System
  • Security
  • Permission

TOTAL COST = 9,000

I believe God will draw those who are going to be the hero’s in this massive outreach. If that’s you, please reach out to me personally to discuss details or simply…ask the Lord what He would have you to do today to sow a seed into the soil of this commission! You can sow into this crusade by clicking here: DONATE


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Lev · November 4, 2020 at 3:00 am

Ou are doing a great work

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