When we arrived at CHOP, we immediately began ministering to everyone around its perimeter. A man named Caesar was the first one who let us pray for him, and soon after that, we were able to pray with a local police officer. The crowd began to grow the longer we were there. SOZO church, Scott McNamara ministries, and several others from local churches also met up with us.

We strategized with Scott’s crew and ran through some quick training on soul-winning with the team, and we prayed for about an hour for God’s strength and His will to be done. During this time, a small crew went inside CHOP just to observe, and within about an hour we were able to establish relationships with the organizers who granted us permission to set up two tents inside!

There was concern amongst some of the people that we looked like a white supremacy group. But we had long been discussing and praying about how to build relationships within CHOP, and our goal starting out was just to break the ice with some of the main influencers there. God provided food like fruit and hotdogs for us to serve, and we started to sow seeds to everyone that showed up. We were intentional about giving out our names, but we had to be very careful because everyone around us was intently watching.

By evening, we had began preaching, and to God be the glory, we saw several souls accept Jesus Christ as Savior!

We are compiling footage and will continue sharing it as quickly as possible. We need your prayers very much, more than anything. Please pray for God to have His perfect way in all we do.


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