So many of you reached out with prayer when we started this journey of bringing the Gospel to the darkest place in Spartanburg. Tonight, I’m asking you to pray for Zane. Please, all who will…this man needs you. His conversion was something I’ll truly never forget. But, he needs you to reach heaven like never before as he continues down this narrow path. Listen closely to his story. Sorry for bad audio. You may have to turn up the volume. Today, I got to sit down and talk with him for the first time outside those walls. I found out he’s been attending church searching for the one he wants to get plugged into. He’s even bringing his little brother along with him!! Today they both received new Bibles and we talked about his next steps. Before I left, we prayed. I hugged him and asked God to give him the courage of David, the persistence of Paul, the faithfulness of Abraham. I asked God to help him deal with fake friends. I asked the Holy Spirit to convict him, challenge him, and show him his calling. I asked the Lord to walk right beside him in this wilderness. If you’re reading this, will you leave him a comment below! He will see it. Thank you all! Zane, we love you. Every decision you make from this point forward will echo into eternity. Do not look back.



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