I’m writing this sitting in a small hotel room just a few miles out from North Beach Miami wondering what God has planned next. Tomorrow we fly out from the Miami airport and will touchdown in Guyana, South America around 9:30pm. We will be preaching the gospel to over 5,000 people. Lord, take over. Before I call it a night though, I just wanted to write my first blog post for this new website.

The burden God has put inside me I can’t fully put into words. Over the years, I’ve seen beneath the surface of this “american dream” culture. People are not only lost in the wilderness, they’re floating down a river drowning. I’m just standing on a rock, the Rock…pulling people out of the water and fighting my heart out to show them solid ground. I never saw myself doing this and honestly, I never wanted to. God had other plans. But, that’s a whole story in itself and maybe one day, I’ll share it on here. For now… My mission is simple. I just want to love people, and the greatest act of love you could ever do for someone is show them Jesus. This isn’t about me. It never was and it never will be. So many are one breath away from eternity and I’m running as fast as I can to let the world know there will come a day when we all will stand before God. Jesus is coming. Let’s go…



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