by Jacob Ebersole


I heard someone say one time that the best stories never get told. I understand that because some things are impossible to put into words. All I can say is the Holy Spirit was with us last night. I told you 11 got saved but there were more. It was just so hectic that I did not get a chance to talk with them personally so I didn’t count them. I’m not going to make this too long but I just wanted to take this moment and personally thank all who have prayed for this Spartanburg Detention Ministry specifically. Last night, we had the biggest crowd ever since starting this journey.

My number one mission over anything else while I’m in there is for people to make first time decisions for Christ. Many have taken a hold of that as I’ve tried to share my heart as best I can with them. It has been humbling for me to witness past converts start to become the church there. Last night…I had a Gospel singer, altar workers, and a prayer team for after the service. They’re the ones changing lives. They’re the ones loving the weary and broken. They’re the ones growing the numbers by inviting men who they know need it which helps in our salvation numbers. They’re the ones, I’m just igniting the fire.

When I first started, I had no help. Last night we had church! As these broken men were converted, the whole room started singing Amazing Grace. Most in tears…others shouting and clapping, I walked around and shook every persons hand. In all four corners of the room older converts were praying with new converts, strangers became family, lives were changed, God was glorified. As we left the room I challenged them with one last statement. “Go tell the world of the treasure you’ve found.” What do I love about all this? We’re causing problems for Satan. Even within the darkest place in this city. Lets go!


  1. Get plugged into a bible believing church. 
  2. Talk with the Pastor about getting baptized. 
  3. Begin a daily habit of getting in the Word and Praying. 
  4. Find the people in your new church who are actually following Jesus. 
  5. Do whatever it takes to start serving in your new church wherever you’re needed. 






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