Gloria will be in GLORY one day.

Gloria was broken from the very moment she heard she was worthy of God today at the Greenville Juvenile Center. I believe she ended up behind these bars for a divine reason. Christ shows up in unexpected places! She received a new bible along with a plan to take her next steps when she is released. I will be visiting her mom, grandmother, her little sisters and several of her family members across the city over the next couple weeks. She asked if I could deliver new bibles to them as well as share the Gospel. Please pray for Gloria as she steps into this new life with victory as well as her entire family. She touched my heart today as she shared her story. It broke me as tears fell down her face. From childhood she’s struggled with several things I won’t talk about here.
But today, just moments ago – she realized the best is yet to come for her. Gloria, we love you. I wrote in her new Bible “Follow Jesus over everything” and I can’t wait to see what God does with her life next. Christians, I want to be blunt here. Go after the drug addicts, neglected and outsiders. They may take a bit more love and care but the return on investment is FAR GREATER. Sometimes the transformation a person at rock bottom has after they get saved turns them into the greatest witnesses you’ve ever seen. Go after that one society forgot about. This ministry is dedicated to the lost, weary and forgotten. If you’re reading this and you’d like to partner with us as we take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. I want to first say thank you for considering locking arms with us. We need your help. Secondly, we love you! Your prayers have changed me and this ministry.
Thank you all!! 
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